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JADE is a high-performance, open software platform for delivering targeted solutions to complex business problems

From logistics to financial services to case management,
JADE is delivering proven results to over 2000 organizations worldwide.

JADE excels in managing complex, highly connected data, relationships and business rules:

  • Wide, interconnected networks of objects
    Such as the web of connections between facts in an intelligence management system.
  • Deep, hierarchical object structures and decision trees
    Such as drilling down, traversing and validating a ship's cargo in a container management system.
  • Manipulating large collections of related objects
    Such as tracking a nation's exported logs in a supply chain management system, or organizing transactions in a financial management system.

JADE allows developers to easily build intricate, real-world business models without being constrained by the mechanics of storing and accessing data.

JADE entirely eliminates the development effort required to move objects to and from a database.

Coupled with a flexible distributed processing model, JADE is ideal for solving complex problems. JADE makes it easier to build and run distributed systems that take advantage of modern, high-performance hardware platforms.


JADE Deployment Architecture
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