Improving outcomes using JADE Health and Social Services Solutions.
Reliable. Configurable. Secure.

Bayside Health needed a system that would increase their efficiency and facilitate the exchange of information in a timely manner.

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North District Health Board needed a system
with the ability to support the management and
clinical needs of its mental health service.

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User acceptance

Jade’s solutions are user friendly, functional and assist health professionals in improving outcomes for patients and clients across the health and social services continuums.


  • Easy and instant access to information
  • Information can be filtered according to situational relevance
  • Specific organizational policies and procedures can be enshrined within the software functionality, providing clarity of procedure for service providers
  • Best practice guidelines are supported
  • Minimization of duplication of services
  • Patient and client information is secured according to provider need


  • Better informed, and more consistent, care
  • Minimization of duplication of services
  • No replication of data input for less intrusive service provision
  • Continuity of care
  • Standardization of care through “best practice” supporting targeted and proactive care


  • Standardized procedures/coding/terminology
  • Improved information management
  • Implementation in stages — service by service
  • Better support for the organization, the services, and the staff
  • Less duplication of services


JADE Health

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“Our decision to replace all our existing systems, for a single integrated system from Jade was not taken lightly. A 23-strong selection group (predominantly clinicians) had to be convinced it would meet all our requirements, especially in terms of flexibility (as standards and requirements change regularly) and security of information. The panel felt that Jade offered the best value for money and transfer of risk.”

Tony Wishart
Project Director
Bolton, Salford and Trafford Mental Health Partnership

“Jade has worked directly with our implementation team and has always been willing to listen to our needs. It’s been so successful to date that if you had asked me two years ago what my ideal system would look like, it would be exactly what we have on our screens today.”

Will Evans
Harrow Unified Mental Health Service

For maximum reliability, security and performance of your JADE solution, JADE Care24 is our fully comprehensive systems management offering.